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  Why Nasha Entertainment?
Because we have many years of experience DJing in the Midwest &
have all the latest hits that you want! We can tailor any party to your
needs and guarantee that you and your guests will have an eventful

  Do you have references?
By request, we can provide you with contacts from
previous parties that we have done.

  What if my party ends later than anticipated?
Unlike most other DJs, we love to throw parties & it won't make
any difference to us if your party ends at 1am instead of midnight.
As long as people are having fun and dancing...lets keep the party going!

  Do I have to provide anything to the DJ?
Absolutely not! We bring our own system, music, and lights. All
that we require from you are guests that are ready to dance & have
fun! However, if you already do have equipment, we will be able to provide our services at a discounted rate.

  What type of music do you play? Do you take requests?
We tailor our music selection to the needs of our clients. If you
want Punjabi music...that's what you get! If you want Hindi or Gujarati
music...that's what we'll play! We are always open to requests from
the guests. Nasha carries a large assortment of music, so taking requests on the spot is not a problem.

  Will you MC my reception?
Hey, we're DJs...and love to entertain. MCing is all part of
the business! Actually Nasha prefers to do the MCing because
we can make it dramatic and fun!

  Is there a contract?
Yes. We use a contract so that both parties know their responsibilities.
This way you will see all the charges up front and have all questions answered. Contracts include cancellation clauses, liabilities, and fees.

  How far in advance should I book my party?

To guarantee dates, we definitely recommend booking well in advance
of any planned event. But incase you have a surprise party that you
are throwing in 2 days...give us a call or email...we will try our best
to accomodate your needs. All of our parties are booked on a first-come
first-serve basis.

  Are there any special discounts?
If you book back to back...or multiple parties with us,
discounts will be given!

  Do you speak other languages besides
Yes! Quite frequently we run into hosts who prefer discussing parties
in languages other than English. Our DJs are fluent in both Hindi &
Punjabi to suit your needs!

  Do you provide other services?
Yes. Our premium services include pictures & video of your event
delivered to you the next day! That's right...ask us about these
exclusive services...

  How much do you charge?
We offer the most competitive rates. Nasha focuses on the quality of
parties, not on the number of parties that we do. Rates typically depend
on location, dates, times, us!

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